September 7, 2009

Tough day at Young's Landscaping. Actually, it was a tough weekend. The boys and I moved 6 yards of topsoil, cut down a pine tree, created a new fire pit and the back yard was tweaked. I took a few photos to show our efforts.

There used to be three pine trees here, we left the center. the one on the right was covering a foot of the sidewalk and the one on the left wasn't looking too good. The neighbor across the street stopped and thanked us for keeping this one.
From a previous effort, the front bed was spruced up. I took this because it's really shaping up.

Holly poured her creative juices into this front flower bed and it really shows. We only bought some Mums and mulch, everything else came from some of our other flower beds. It looks great and under control.
Street side:

House side:

One shot of the back. The 6 yards of dirt were mainly to fill in the sandbox that we had under the deck. The rest really just needed to be brought back under control
Hard to believe that we're in the middle of suburbia. It's going to be a calm place to hang out, that's for sure, once we have the grass in that is.

Have a great day!

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vicsultana said...

looking great so far Pat. keep it up!